Golden Apricot International Film Festival, Jul. 2018: The Best Script Price

Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Oct. 2018

EDINBURGH Film Festival, Mar. 2019

For many years, an Iranian family of four has been operating an extraordinary tourist camp for desert lovers within the Iranian desert. Gradually, business diminishes, tourists stay away. Arash, the youngest of the family, comes up with an unusual idea. Through the skilled use of Facebook, he succeeds in enticing new visitors to the camp… The tourist camp’s new draw card is the promise of providing the most beautiful sunsets to be found anywhere in the world. The camp blossoms again. Meanwhile, events and problems of various natures arise in the camp, which the family attempts to peacefully resolve. Sayeh, whose name means shadow in Persian, is a single woman who has arrived at the camp. She is with child. The unexpected arrival of a new visitor brings a dramatic and threatening turn of events. This visitor is none other than the rich bureaucrat who is the father of Sayeh’s unborn child. He has arrived with the intention of forcing Sayeh to have an abortion, all the while trying to keep the whole issue secret from his wife. Sayeh is determined to keep the child. The camp doesn’t survive, and will be destroyed…

"Sunset Truck" is available at Amazon Prime.