Germany is home to an estimated 400.000 illegal migrants. These people are excluded from regular medical care, because, besides of medical professional secrecy, no law protects them from being reported to the immigration authorities. Even worse, all public employees are obliged by Aliens Act to denounce any illegal migrant during the course of their work. So a consultation can end up with deportation.


Sema Poyraz
Christine Felix Pohl
Franziska Harnisch
Günther Breden

Script & Directing: Aviva Barkhourdarian
DoP: Börres Weiffenbach

Production: Aviva Barkhourdarian & Norik Keshishian

Colour correction: Radek Dabrowski
Sound adviser: Stephan Köthe

Helping hands:
Anna Hovhannisyan
Mircea Lupu
Yunus Yaldiz

Seoul international Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival 2012